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Einsteins Lab: Has a range of activities where children can engage with Science in a fun and hands on manner. They can discover the power of air, play with magnets and experience energy through unique & engaging activities.

Magical Magnets: Discover the Power of Magnets! Build Magnificent Magnetic Bridges and Unleash the Secrets of Science only at Amazeum.

Bernoulli Blower

Wiggle Wall

Water Works: Get Your Hands Wet and Dive into Learning. Explore water ways, create bridges, make the Turbine spin with force and race the boats till the finish line. A unique play area for children at Pune.


Mini Garage: Rev Up Your Imagination. Explore, Fix, and Play at the Pretend Garage, Where Little Mechanics' Dreams Come True!

Green Grocers: Let Your Imagination Shop 'til You Drop. Explore the Pretend Play space of "Green Grocer's" at Amazeum.

Jr Chef's Ca: Imaginary Café. Serve up Delicious Fun pretend food and Unleash your Inner Barista at the Junior Chef's Café.

Get Fit Clinic: Pretend Play area where Little Healers Can Make Boo-boos Disappear and Nurture their Imagination.


Imagination Playground: Unleash Your Creativity and Build Bigger Adventures at the Imagination Playground. The soft big blue blocks are fantastic for making bigger and fabulous structures--> a horse, a throne, a castle, a fort... make what your heart desires.

Construction Zone: Building Dreams, One Imagination at a Time. Welcome to the Construction Zone. Gear up and get ready to experience the best for of pretend play in a safe & controlled environment at Pune's best Indoor Play Area.

Wall tiling: Don your construction Hat and Apron and complete the tiling on the wall in a pattern that you think will look the best!

Quake Table: "Brace Yourself for a Tremor Adventure" Experience the quake table. Build a structure and see it tremble and fall. Exhibit where Kids can safely feel the power of mother nature.

This unique exhibit is not only fun but also a great learning tool for children to understand how homes are built to withstand the forces of nature. You will find this in Pune's first and only Children's Museum- Amazeum- A unique play area for children of all ages!

Creative Corner:

Amazeum Art wall. The glass wall provides a unique canvas for children to explore their artistic side.

Luminous Lights: Step into a Magical World of Luminous Lights. Illuminate Your Imagination. Only at Amazeum, Pune's best children's play area.

Colour Combos: Explore the Magic of Magnetic Tiles on the Light Table designed to spark you child's curiosity.

Introduce your kid to the Indic Folk Art's and spend some time solving the puzzle as a team.

Bubble Tower: Step into a World of Wonder. Engage in Bubble-licious Fun at our Exhibit, where Spectacular Spheres of Joy Await!


Fort: A page from the history lessons, scale new heights and conquer the Fort. Take the tunnel, climb on walls or use the slide to come down, whichever path you take, just remember to make your own war cry while you emerge victorious.

Rock Climbing: Reach New Heights of Adventure: Conquer the Wall and Experience the Thrill of Scaling New Challenges at the rock climbing wall at our Fort/Killa at Amazeum.

Tot Spot: Dive into a World of Colourful Fun! Jump, Play, Slide down and Make a Splash in the Ball Pit at our Tot corner. A cool play space for little toddlers in Pune.


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