We are open from 11 am to 9:30 pm on weekdays and 11 am to 10 pm on weekends and public holidays. Last entry time is 8:30 pm on weekdays and 9.00 pm on weekends.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for those planning a visit to Amazeum.


Q. What is Amazeum really?

A. Amazeum is massive kids play-space. More accurately, it is Pune’s first Children’s Museum and quite simply the coolest place for kids in this city. You can read more about us in this section, and about our Exhibits here.


Q. Where is Amazeum located?

A. Amazeum is located on the 2nd Floor of The Pavillion Mall, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune. Here is a Google Maps link.

Q. How can we get in touch with you?

A. You can reach us at 020 6642 0712, +91 9168 880 225 (Praveena) or +91 7499 682 681 (Sanket) or mail us at praveena@amazeum.in

We are also available on Facebook or Instagram.


Q. All right, out with it – how much do you charge?

A. We’re surprisingly reasonable for the breadth and quality of activities! Please visit our Museum fees page for more details.


Q. What payment modes do you accept?

A. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, Paytm and all UPI based payment modes.


Q. Can I pay using Bitcoin?

A. Great question. Unfortunately, not yet. As we speak, we have a team feverishly working on building an AI-enabled, ML-driven, Blockchain-based Bitcoin payment system (if that line doesn’t help us get funding, we don’t know what will).


Q. Do you have special packages for birthday celebrations?

A. Yes! Amazeum is a fabulous place to celebrate kids birthdays. You’ll find all the details of the packages, inclusions, rates etc. here.


Q. Do you have separate rates for large school/pre-school groups?

A. We do. Amazeum is a great place for school groups. Please get in touch with us at praveena@amazeum.in or at +91 9168880225 for more details.

Q. We love Amazeum! Can we take a membership for our kids?

A. We are working on a very attractive membership program. Anytime access, special offers, discounts – all at a great price. We'll be sharing the details soon!


Q. Which age-groups is Amazeum meant for?

A. Amazeum is meant for all children – we have activities for curious six-month-old toddlers, right up-to opinionated teens! You could say our sweet spot is the age group from 2 years to 12 years. For children under 18 months, we have a separate Toddler's area. For all others, the entire museum is their playground!


Q. I’m a playful adult. Can I come alone or with my adult friends?

A. Since this is a children’s play area, we only give access to adults accompanying kids. Sorry, no entry to adults on their own!


Q. What is the typical duration that a child can spend here?

A. Given the variety of activities, children can easily spend about 2 hours here. Of course, for the serious-players, even a day would pass like a breeze! We have an in-house Café for hungry tummies!

Q. Cool, then can I leave my child at Amazeum and get some me-time at the Mall?

A. Well… you can. But a group of children need to be accompanied by at least one adult (aged over 18 years) all the time. You can designate one adult from your group to supervise a group of related kids.

Q. Seriously, is adult supervision required? Won’t that adult get bored?!

A. We promise they won’t! All our activities are adult-friendly too. As adults, this is a chance for you to have some fun with your little ones, bond with them, teach them something … and learn something yourself!

We believe that family members are important as a child's first teachers and as a partner in learning. Our exhibits (and written material) are designed to encourage interaction and inquiry, as well as participation from the entire family.

Q. Hey, I saw that adults also pay for entry at Amazeum. Isn’t this a Children’s Museum?

A. One adult with every group of kids goes in free! Additional adults do pay a nominal fee – much lower than the children’s ticket rates (and much lower than what you’d pay in other children’s play spaces!). Most exhibits are meant for adult play too..., and as we mentioned – it’s a great way to bond with your child!

Q. Do you have any exhibits for Toddlers?

A. Yes, there’s a separate section (Tot-Spot) with activities for toddlers. They can make some sounds, learn to play with patterns and colours, explore a jungle themed play zone, play peekaboo with their parents, walk through a small tunnel and come down a cool slide!

Q. Do any exhibits have age restrictions?

A. Toddlers may not be access many exhibits on their own, which is why they have a separate dedicated zone (and a much lower entry fee!). For most other kids (and adults) all exhibits are accessible.


Q. I’m from a school/pre-school. Can we book a group visit for our kids?

A. For sure! We would love to host little ones for school trips. It would be a great way for them to reinforce some of the concepts that they learn in school. For details on group visits, please reach out to praveena@amazeum.in or call us at +91 9168 880 225.


Q. What should we wear?

A. Duh, your best airport look of course - you never know when the paparazzi may turn up! #OOTD.

Seriously though, wear something comfortable, coz you’ll need it when chasing your little one in one of the Fort’s tunnels. Also, closed shoes are preferred to crocs/sandals. And definitely, no heels/spikes in the shoes – our soft play areas can’t handle the pressure.


Finally, while we have aprons to keep children dry in the water play areas, it may be useful to carry a change of clothes for the extra messy ones.


Q. Will you make us buy over-priced socks (which we will forget during the next visit)?

A. No, we won’t :). You can wear your shoes in almost all areas in Amazeum, except some zones (like the Toddler area) where you can keep them in a nearby shoe rack.


Q. Can I bring a stroller to the museum? Do you have any available for use by visitors?

A. You can bring your little one on a stroller – we have a (PMC authorised) parking space for strollers in the museum. Zero parking fees!

We don’t have our own strollers for visitor use though. However, in case needed, you will find strollers at the Information Desk on the ground floor of The Pavillion Mall.


Q. Is there a place to leave my diaper bag and other personal belongings?

A. Yes, we have a small baggage storage area. We don’t have a full-time security guard, so we won’t be able to take responsibility for your stuff! In case you are having any valuable items, it would be best to carry it with yourself.


Q. Are the exhibits safe and clean for all kids?

A. We have very high standards of cleanliness and safety. Our housekeeping and other staff would ensure that all exhibit areas are clean and safe for kids to play in.


Q. After entering, can I leave and then re-enter the museum?

A. You can, if you have taken a full-day pass, or have a membership. However, if you have taken a timed ticket (1, 2 or 3 hours), then you would need to pay at the time of exit.


Q. What if I lost something at the Museum?

A. Finders Keepers! If we are unable to sell it for a decent sum... we're kidding, you should be able to get it at the Billing desk!


Q. Do you have restrooms inside?

A. We know when little ones need to go, they NEED to go. Taking them outside the store and searching all over the Mall for the nearest restroom, all while your child is hopping around, can be quite … well, exciting! No worries, we have three restrooms (girls, boys, differently-abled) in our large 3rd-floor area. At Amazeum, ask anyone for directions.



Q. What if the kids (or I) get hungry?

A. No worries! We have a fabulous Café run by the Sassy Spoon guys. From light eats to elaborate stuff, from juices to tea/coffee and ice creams – we have you covered.


Q. Can we get our own food from outside?

A. Sorry, no can do folks. Apart from toddlers who need to eat home-made food, we discourage outside food in Amazeum. But no worries, our Café will have you covered with its delicious and healthy treats!


Q. Can we eat in the Exhibit areas?

A. We’ll have to put that one also as a ‘No’. Surely you don’t want germs and creepy crawlies to be attracted to areas where the kids are playing!


Q. Can I breastfeed in the Museum?

A. Yes, we have a separate Feeding room for moms, in the Tot-Spot area.




Q. Can I visit the Museum Store without paying admission?

A. Yes, you can. Our merchandise section is just before the Billing desk.


Q. I have a product that I think would be great in your Museum Store. Whom should I contact?

A. Please get in touch with praveena@amazeum.in





Q. Can we celebrate birthdays at Amazeum?

A. You bet! Amazeum is a fabulous place for a memorable birthday celebration for your little one. Check out the packages and other details here.


Q. Do you have special events/activities? How do we find out about them?

A. Very soon! You'll be able to check out what’s happening this week (and in the weeks ahead) on our Events page – or on our Facebook or Instagram page.





Q. Is Amazeum wheelchair friendly?

A. Very soon! We have a separate entrance for children on a wheelchair (we are getting the lift operational though). Apart from a few climbing related exhibits, all others are fully accessible by all kids. Please contact our staff in case of any questions.


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