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At Amazeum, children can play with a variety of exhibits that provide a holistic learning experience. Little ones can play with science-based exhibits (air and water flow), explore a fascinating fort, build cool stuff with huge blocks, create art masterpieces or make some groovy music!
To ensure that our Exhibits were built to global standards, we collaborated with the Garden State Discovery Museum, New Jersey (US). 
At Amazeum, watch your child escape from the world of screens into a beautiful world of their own – where they can invent, imagine, create and explore. Or better yet, join them in their journey of discovery. And in the process, discover your own inner child. It will be amazing.

Our Story

Mid-2014, Pune. A mom is looking for places to take her child on a weekend. A Google search of “Things to do in Pune with children”, led to many results – but no compelling ones.


Parks and zoos were nice but too hot in summers. Indoor soft-play areas were fun for the child, but rather one-dimensional. And the less you speak of arcade-based video-game zones, the better. (Really, more screen-time for kids?!)

This mother looked beyond Pune - and beyond India. Surely, there should be some safe, fun and convenient options for children to play… And wouldn’t it be nice if they also stimulated a kid’s abundant curiosity and imagination?


It turns out there were. They were called ‘Children’s Museums’.


After visiting one such place in Delhi (and several more in the US), the mother was convinced – she had to bring this concept to Pune. And thus, the arduous journey of “Amazeum” – Pune’s first and only Children’s Museum – began.


Amazeum Children's Museum. A place which provides the most fertile ground for your child’s imagination and curiosity. A place where kids can spend countless hours exploring, creating, tinkering, climbing, role-playing, jumping, building, celebrating…


And a place that finally answers the Google Search question – “Things to do in Pune with children” – that a mother named Praveena Balasubramanian asked way back in 2014. 


Welcome to Amazeum.

Our Philosophy

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