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Amazeum has a ton of activities that kids can enjoy across our 12 exhibit areas. In these areas, kids get to: Invent, Imagine, Create, Explore and Celebrate! 

In addition, we also have a Party Hall for birthdays and other celebrations, and a Café for hungry little (and big!) tummies!


Einstein's Lab

Get balls to perform a magical mid-air dance

Zoom scarves through tubes, propelled by air (not chance)

Build your own F1 car and race it on the track

Creating a sculpture? Clingy magnets have your back

And when you’re done, you can wiggle up your way

While your parents take the boring stairway

Water Works

Whee, playing with water is so much fun

Build a dam, race boats, create a diversion

Don’t worry, our aprons will keep you dry

But does the turbine work on your first try?


Mini Garage

Green Grocers

Oh no, Raju-bhai has an urgent car repair job to do

Can our junior mechanics come to his rescue?

Our Farmer’s Market is great for some fresh produce

Those watermelons look good - let’s make some juice!

Jr. Chef’s Café

Speaking of juice - if you’re hungry head over to the café

A sandwich, pizza or some cake – what will it be today?

Get Fit Clinic

Uh oh, your tummy’s not feeling good after all the eating?

The doc’s in her clinic, there’s just a few patients waiting!


Creative Corner

Construction House

Calling all the Picassos, MF Husains and Amrita Sher-Gils

We have the canvas, the paints, brushes and the easels

Create your own masterpiece on paper, glass or stone

Maybe one day your name would also be as well-known!

Caution - this is a hard-hat area, mind your head

Connect a pipe, lay some tiles, or paint a wall instead

After all the hard work, if you’re tired, don’t despair

You can relax with a book in the Kids Lounge upstairs

Imagination Playground

Imagine big blue blocks made of waterproof foam

You can build anything: a bridge, a car or a home

Gather your friends and craft something cool

We’re sure your unique creations will rule!

Bubble Towers

Hop in to one of the Bubble Towers - it’s a dare

Dip your hoop in the soap solution with care

Create a bubble tower, as tall as you can

Pop! It bursts... it’s time to try again!



Our coolest Exhibit - the Fort all kids will adore

Secret tunnels and passageways – so much to explore

Cross the moat, climb rock-walls or come down slides

Or the best part: blast cannons from the top and sides!

Tot Spot

For our youngest little friends, this is the hangout place

There’s a jungle, with an elephant that they can chase

Or explore tiny shops with colours, patterns and sounds too

Quick, hide from Mumma, its time to play Peekaboo!


Party Hall

The party place for celebrations big and small

Birthdays, events, workshops – come one, come all!

We have a cool 550 sq. ft. hall for birthdays and all other celebrations.


All that running around? You must be hungry,

Our Café's treats have you covered - delicious and healthy

Our Cafe is run by a Pune favourite - the Sassy Spoon restaurant group. Get ready for some yummy treats!

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