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Season's Spectacular: Amazeum's Festive Fun - Holiday Special Edition!

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- Holiday Traditions Around       the World

- DIY Crafts for the holidays

- Holiday Movies

- Amazeum’s Letter to Santa

- 10 Unique Gift Ideas for              Everyone on Your List

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Holiday Traditions Around the World

The holiday season isn’t just about decking the halls and trimming the tree—it’s a time when cultures all around the world sparkle with unique traditions, each adding its own special flavor to this festive time of year. So, grab your hot cocoa and get ready for a whirlwind tour of holiday traditions across the globe!

Diwali in India:

India comes alive during Diwali, a festival of lights. Houses are adorned with colorful lights and lamps, and families share sweets and exchange gifts while celebrating victory of light over darkness and homecoming of Lord Shree Ram.

Hanukkah in Israel:

Over in Israel, families light the menorah candles for eight nights, celebrating Hanukkah with games, songs, and delicious food, especially those mouthwatering potato pancakes called latkes.

Germany's Tannenbaum:

In Germany, the Christmas tree tradition began, and they take it seriously! Families decorate their trees with intricate ornaments, sweets, and delicate glass baubles. Plus, they open presents on Christmas Eve!

Italy's Feast of the Seven Fishes:

In Italy, Christmas Eve is all about the Feast of the Seven Fishes, a delicious tradition where families enjoy—you guessed it—seven different seafood dishes for good luck.

Embark on a journey exploring holiday traditions worldwide through this Amazeum trivia challenge.

 1. In which country is Diwali, the Festival of Lights, widely celebrated?   a) China

 b) India

 c) Egypt

 d) Australia

2. Which country's holiday tradition involves hiding a pickle ornament        in the Christmas tree for children to find? 

 a) Germany

 b) France

 c) Canada

 d) Australia

3. In Italy, it's customary to throw plates and dishes out of the window      on New Year's Eve for good luck.

 a) True

 b) False

4. In which country is the "Day of the Dead" celebrated?

 a) Spain

 b) Mexico

 c) Italy

 d) Brazil

5. In Norway, it's a tradition to hide brooms on Christmas Eve to                  prevent witches from stealing them.

 a) False

 b) True

Answer Key:

(b), 2. (a), 3. (a), 4. (b), 5. (b)

Color the Chirtmas Tree with your favorite colours.

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DIY Crafts for the holidays

Some delightful and festive DIY crafts perfect for the holiday season

Pinecone Decorations:

Gather pinecones and turn them into adorable holiday decorations. Paint them in festive colors, sprinkle glitter, or attach small beads and ribbons to make tiny pinecone elves or trees.

Handmade Greeting Cards:

Get crafty with card-making! Use colored paper, markers, stickers, and glitter to design your own holiday cards. Add a personal touch with heartfelt messages or drawings.

Paper Snowflakes:

Cut intricate snowflake designs from paper. Fold the paper a few times, cut out shapes along the edges, and unfold to reveal beautiful and unique snowflakes. Hang them around the house for a wintry touch.

Festive Mason Jars:

Decorate mason jars with paint, ribbons, or washi tape. Fill them with fairy lights, candy canes, or small ornaments to create charming centerpieces or candle holders.

Homemade Ornaments:

Create personalized ornaments using salt dough or air-dry clay. Roll out the dough, cut into shapes, and bake or air dry. Then, paint, decorate with glitter, or imprint with patterns for unique ornaments.

Creating homemade ornaments is a delightful and creative way to add a personal touch to your holiday decorations. Here's a step-by-step guide to making salt dough ornaments, a classic and versatile option:

Materials Needed:

1]  2 cups all-purpose flour

2]  1 cup salt

3]  1 cup water

4]  Cookie cutters

5]  Rolling pin

6]  Straw or toothpick (for making holes)

7]  Acrylic paint

8]  Paintbrushes

9]  Glitter, beads, or other embellishments (optional)

10] Clear varnish or Mod Podge (optional, for sealing)

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1. Make the Dough:

  • In a mixing bowl, combine the flour and salt.

  • Slowly add the water while mixing until it forms a dough. Adjust the amount of water or flour if needed to achieve a smooth consistency.

  • Knead the dough on a floured surface until it's pliable and not too sticky.

2. Roll and Cut:

  • Preheat your oven to 250°F (120°C).

  • Roll out the dough to about 1/4 inch thickness.

  • Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Stars, hearts, trees, and snowflakes are popular choices, but feel free to get creative!

3. Create Hanging Holes:

  • Use a straw or toothpick to make a small hole near the top of each ornament. This will be for hanging later.

4. Bake:

  • Place the ornaments on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

  • Bake them in the preheated oven for about 2 hours or until completely dry. Keep an eye on them to avoid browning.

5. Decorate:

  • Once the ornaments have cooled, it's time to decorate!

  • Use acrylic paint to add vibrant colors to your ornaments. Let your imagination run wild with designs, patterns, or even handprints.

  • If desired, add glitter, beads, or other embellishments while the paint is still wet.


6. Seal (Optional):

  • To preserve your ornaments, you can apply a clear varnish or a coat of Mod Podge once the paint has dried. This will help protect them and give a shiny finish.


7. Add Strings:

  • Thread a ribbon, string, or yarn through the hole you made earlier to create a loop for hanging.


8. Let Dry:

  • Allow your ornaments to fully dry and cure before hanging or displaying them.


9. Display and Enjoy:

  • Hang your homemade ornaments on the tree, adorn garlands, or use them as festive decorations around your home.


Creating salt dough ornaments is a fun activity for both kids and adults, allowing for endless creativity and personalized decorations for the holiday season!

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Holiday Movies

The holiday season is perfect time to cozy up with the family and indulge in the enchanting world of holiday movies made just for the little ones! From animated adventures to heartwarming tales, let's unwrap a treasure trove of kid-friendly films that capture the true essence of the holidays.

1. The Polar Express:

Hop aboard the magical train to the North Pole with "The Polar Express." This animated wonder takes kids on an exhilarating journey filled with friendship, belief, and the spirit of Christmas. All aboard for an adventure that's sure to captivate young hearts!

2. The Grinch:

Whether it's the classic animated version or the newer animated or live-action adaptations, Dr. Seuss' "The Grinch" teaches kids about kindness, the true meaning of Christmas, and how even the grumpiest hearts can be transformed by the holiday spirit.

3. Home Alone :

While more suited for slightly older kids, "Home Alone" brings laughter and a lesson about family to the holiday season. Join Kevin as he defends his home from bumbling burglars in this classic comedy.

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol :

Who doesn't love the Muppets? In this retelling of Charles Dickens' classic, the Muppets add their trademark humor and charm to the timeless story of "A Christmas Carol," making it a delightful treat for kids and adults alike.

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Letter To Santa

Ever wondered why kids scribble, draw, and carefully write letters to a man in a red suit who lives in the North Pole? Well, it's not just about asking for toys (though that's a part of it, of course)! Here's the scoop on why writing to Santa is a thing kids just can't resist.

First off, let's talk wishes! When you write to Santa, it's like putting your dreams on paper and sending them off to the North Pole. It's a chance for kids to share what they’re dreaming of—a new bike, a cuddly teddy bear, or even a big, warm hug for someone they love. But it's not just about the stuff. Nope! Writing to Santa is like a magic spell for making good things happen. Kids believe that Santa's got a bag full of kindness and happiness, so they sneak in a wish or two for their friends, family, or even for folks they've never met. Yep, Santa gets to hear about peace, joy, and goodwill from these tiny pen pals.


Now, let's talk creativity! Some kids go wild with their letters. You'll find drawings of flying reindeer, sparkly snowflakes, and maybe even a picture of Santa's famous red suit. It's like a little art project that lets their imagination go on an adventure to the North Pole and beyond.


So grab your pencils, pens, or crayons—whatever makes your imagination dance—and get ready to write your way into Santa's heart. Scroll to see Team Amazeum’s heartfelt letter to Santa!


          We hope this letter finds you snuggled up in your cozy workshop, surrounded by cheerful elves and heaps of hot cocoa! First off, we've been nothing short of our usual rambunctious, giggly, and utterly curious selves this year at the Amazeum. Our exhibits have been bustling with energy.


           Oh, and the field trips! Santa, you’d be so proud. We've had busloads of eager learners itching to uncover the secrets of science and art within our walls. We’ve witnessed budding inventors, artists, and explorers taking their first steps toward discovering a world beyond their wildest dreams.


           Now, birthdays? Let's just say we've been on a roll with celebrations. Our party hats have seen everything from small family affairs to extravaganzas!


            Workshops? We’ve had workshops for making everything from neon bats to woodworking to thinking out of the box this year! Our little geniuses have amazed us time and again with their inventiveness.


             Santa, if you're looking for a place to swing by after your global sleigh tour, we’re a must-visit. We’ve got the magic of the season wrapped up in every corner, from the twinkling lights that rival Rudolph’s nose to the laughter that could warm even the coldest of North Pole days.           


The Amazeum Crew 

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Dear Santa


DIY Santa Mask

Color the picture, get an adult to punch holes on Santa’s eyes and use it like a mask.


10 Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Ho ho ho, young gift-givers! The season of joy and giving is here, and it's time to spread happiness with special presents for your loved ones. Whether it's for your best buddy, cool cousin, or fantastic family member, here are some unique gift ideas that will make this Christmas extra merry and bright!

Doodling Delight:

Is your friend an art enthusiast? Consider a deluxe sketchbook or a set of vibrant markers to inspire their creativity.

Science Sensation:

How about a cool science experiment kit? Your curious cousin will be thrilled to create volcanoes or slime at home.

Game Time Galore:

Board games or puzzles can be a hit for a fun-loving family member who enjoys game nights.

Storybook Surprise:

A personalized storybook starring your family members or friends will make bedtime tales even more magical.

Green Thumb Treasure:

A tiny indoor gardening kit with cute planters and seeds is an excellent choice for someone who loves nature.

Find the Christmas Elements

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Farewell 2023: A Look Back and a Glimpse Forward at Amazeum

Dear Amazeum Explorers,

As the year draws to a close, it’s with both a touch of nostalgia and immense anticipation that we present the final edition of our Amazeum newsletter for 2023. This year has been a whirlwind of innovation, creativity, and discovery, and we’ve been thrilled to share these incredible moments with you.

Throughout the past editions, we've embarked on journeys of wonder, delving into the depths of imagination, science, and creativity. From highlighting the marvels of interactive exhibits to informative facts, each newsletter aimed to inspire, educate, and ignite the spark of curiosity within every reader.

As we bid adieu to the passing year, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the spectacular adventures we've undertaken together. We've witnessed young minds bloom with excitement as they engaged with our exhibits, families bonding over hands-on experiments, and the sheer joy that exploration brings to people of all ages.


But fear not, fellow adventurers, for this final edition is not just about looking back—it’s also about casting our gaze towards the horizon of 2024. The New Year stands before us like a blank canvas, ready to be painted with new experiences, discoveries, and innovative ideas.

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-10 at 8.38.29 PM.jpg

Before we sign off for 2023, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for being a part of the Amazeum family. Your enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for discovery have been the driving force behind our endeavors, and for that, we are profoundly grateful.


May the upcoming holiday season bring you joy, warmth, and cherished moments with loved ones. And as we step into 2024, let us embrace the unknown with open hearts and minds, ready to unravel new mysteries and create lasting memories.


Thank you for an incredible year, and here’s to another year of exploration, innovation, and endless wonder at Amazeum! Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with awe-inspiring adventures!


Warm Regards,

The Amazeum Team

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Amazeum Art Corner

Email us your child's art on to get featured in the Amazeum newsletter.

Puzzle Wuzzle Can you solve?

Riddle Time : Read out the below riddle and ask the child to guess the Chirtmas element.

I'm small and round, with a twinkle bright, In the darkest night, I provide delight. Children watch, their faces aglow, As I dance and sparkle, putting on a show.

What am I?"

Twinkling Christmas Lights

Childs Name:

Amazeum School Visits


Amazeum Moments

Welcome to "Amazeum Moments: A Journey in Pictures" – a captivating visual adventure that captures the essence of our wonderful Amazeum Children's Museum.

Amazeum is Pune's first and only children's museum with interactive and unique exhibits that not only provide a fun creative space but also help in having a unique learning experience.

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