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A new, safer way to play!
We’ll admit. We were getting restless. It’s been months since we heard the pitter-patter of little feet and the infectious laughter of all our little friends.
We are BEYOND THRILLED to have you back.
Welcome back to your familiar fun-and-learning-filled Amazeum. With one difference though. We have become a little more OCD (ask your parents what that means!).
We’re sure you won’t expect anything less than the highest standards of care and hygiene from us - given the ‘New Normal’ we find ourselves in.
So here goes - a bunch of new policies and procedures to keep as safe as we go about having the same fun experiences!
While most of these are stuff that we are doing differently, we would also need your co-operation to ensure that Amazeum remains a safe and healthy environment to play in.

We’re going to play a bit hard-to-get-(in)

  • To maintain social distancing, we have capped the number of tickets available each day to 25% of our pre-COVID capacity to ensure plenty of space for all visitors to spread out.

  • We encourage you to book using our online appointment system to block your spot for you and your child. This will help in a contactless entry. 

  • If the slots are full, walk-ins will have to come back some other time - sorry! 

  • Each exhibit space also has a defined capacity limit to ensure sufficient distancing

Amazeum will acquire cleaning OCD!

  • The museum is disinfected every night with OXIVIR which is a US-government approved disinfectant for Covid-19 (nothing but the best for our kids!)

    • High-touch areas would be sanitized every 3-hours (with OXIVIR) 

    • Physical Play spaces (Fort, Wiggle Wall and Ball Pit) would be sprayed with OXIVIR every 3-hours. 

  • We are adding antiseptic solution in the water at the Water Table to ensure that it is safe for children to play with

  • The Chefs' Jackets and Doctors' Coats would be sprayed with disinfectant spray after each use.

  • We have positioned 5 hand sanitizing stations throughout the museum

Our Staff will double up as CoWarriors!

  • Our Play Facilitators are required to wear masks and shields within our space.

  • They will maintain social distance at all times when helping children

  • The health of our staff is monitored daily through temperature checks.

We would also look forward to your co-operation to keep us all safe!

  • Come to Amazeum only when you are healthy!

  • Purchase tickets online and book a spot for you at the museum. If the slots are full, then walk-ins will have to come back.

  • Wear a mask at all times (all guests 2 years of age or older).

  • Practice social distancing by maintaining 6 feet of separation from those outside of your playgroup.

  • Take turns in each space. The capacity is mentioned at each exhibit space. Please observe the same at all times. 

  • Use the touchless hand sanitizing stations available throughout the museum and wash your hands frequently.

  • Be patient with yourself, other guests, and our staff as we adapt to these new norms – we’re all learning together!

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We look forward to once again offering your family a special space to play together, create memories and learn through exploration!

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