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Times NIE Teachers Meet

held at Amazeum






Div Edition


D.I.Y and its origin

Brief report on the history of D.I.Y's and insight on Indian innovation and policy reforms.

Book's that inspire D.I.Y in children.

Places to visit in Pune this school break

Quick D.I.Y children's room decor ideas

Amazeum D.I.Y activIties


Jugaad is the Indian way of fixing problems in an indigenous way by using existing resources in an innovative way.

At Amazeum, we encourage children to creatively engage in a range of hands-on activities. Coming up with an activity, designing and executing it is a life skill. Nurtured at an early age, it can do wonders in understanding of self and gain independence later on in life.

D.I.Y and its origin

D.I.Y - Do It Yourself has been there since the existence of human race. However, the term / expression of D.I.Y or "Do It Yourself" came into common usage by the 1950s, in reference to the emergence of a trend of people undertaking home improvement and various other small craft and construction projects as both a creative-recreational and cost-saving activity.

In the Indic civilization, the weapons, proof of construction, pottery etc show that the art of creating objects required for day-to-day needs was constantly evolving.

This is believed to be a hand made and painted jar dating back to the Indus valley civilization (Circa 3000 BCE)

Source: Internet

The new Indian education policy -2021 focusses heavily on vocational training for children along with academics.

Encouraging vocational training will help the nation create innovational opportunities and that in turn will help in the economic development of the country and also make the country self-reliant and Independent. Educational reforms are the stepping stones for a self-reliant and Independent India. Hands-on learning will help newer generations to contribute to the "Make in India" Policy of the Indian government and take the vision forward.

Story feature of the week

FLAMING FALCON- Protector of Zadcoloc.

By Kiyanoush Patil, 10 Years, Wisdom World School


On a dark night in April, a 38-year-old man named Crodania Vastmon (Crove) was walking down the road of Blandigo in the city of Fromain, Zadcoloc. The largest continent in the world.


Crove then entered The Jaminol Library of Families and Old Records. As he entered, the librarian crept up to him and said in a soft and spooky voice which almost sounded like “There is no place to run!”. After hearing this, Crove fell into an underground factory. He then crashed against many pillars before finally falling into its liquidised Mutation Energy container along with a falcon who was captured and taken away from his family. Inside the container, the two merged into a great creation. However, the power used to support this much energy was too much and the generator exploded. Along with the generator, the control room and container also exploded leaving only Crove and the librarian alive.


Crove then went to the Fromain Police Department [F.P.D] and told them about the incident. The Chief of Police by the name Proncame Dapola took him to a secret room which opened by pulling a book! If the wrong book was pulled, the room along with the entire police station would go into a lockdown.


Inside the room was a magnificent hall of super hero costumes. At the end of the hall was a special suit which had black feathers, a utility belt, 2 plasma shooters next to the thighs, a Black Cape and 2 black wings with plasma shooters.

Dapola told him that the librarian’s name was Farnomal Vastmon. He was the greatest criminal mastermind of the 21st century.


He would mutate animals into beasts and use them to break into banks. "I think you need a name if you are going to defeat him", said Dapola. As Crove put on the suit, he thought of a name- Flaming Falcon. Dapola was delighted to hear this but sad when he read his book of Families In Zadcoloc. He had found something that would stop Falcon from defeating Farnomal who had chosen the name Bad Bear. He tried to tell Falcon about this when Bad Bear came through the roof of the station.


Falcon then flew towards him only to find that he could control birds. He then summoned 400 crows and used them as his army against Bad Bear. But alas, he had jumped in his chopper with 10 bags of money. Falcon followed with his army but his army flew away when they encountered a rocket. He got hold of the rocket and threw it at the chopper. The chopper then exploded with only Bad Bear alive.


After that, he got a call from Dapola saying that Bad Bear was his brother! Falcon was shocked to hear this but then flew towards Bad Bear and saved him. "Why did you save me?", asked Bad Bear. "Because you are my brother!", said Crove. Even Bad Bear was shocked and he passed out. The next day, the king of Zadcoloc came and awarded Falcon for his work. Even Farnomal was there who was forgiven.


This turned out to be a happy ending for all.

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Amazeum Art corner

-By Aviesha, 10 years, Vidya Valley School

A Diya Stand made with an Old CD and a Sketch Pen stand made with old cassettes.

Email us your child's article on to get featured in the Amazeum newsletter.

Puzzle Wuzzle
Can you solve?

Magic Square by the great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

In a magic square every row, column and diagonal adds up to the same result, the numbers cannot be repeated.

The magic total is always thrice the number in the center sqaure.




Book's that inspire D.I.Y in children

We have listed few of the books that encourage D.I.Y in children.

Mini Artist - Junk Modeling

A fun book which gives crafting ideas with the resources already lying around in the house, like straw, cardboard rolls, pipe cleaners etc

Craft Attack - Nature crafts

Nature inspired art are easy and sustainable. Nature gives us in abundance. The book helps encourage children to forage for things from nature and create masterpieces out of them.

The complete book of Origami

Robert J. Lang, a veteran origami artist, accompanies his step-by-step directions with more than 1,000 detailed drawings in this book.

Places to visit in Pune this School Break

Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways


The museum was conceptualized and started by B. S. Joshi, popularly known as Bhausaheb Joshi. Through his childhood hobby of collecting and making models, he started working on this concept in the 1960s. He initially made mobile working models, which he would set up in various cities for the public to view. His first exhibition took place in Pune at the Gokhale Hall in 1982. In 1984 the layout was displayed in Mumbai (then Bombay) and again in 1986, in Pune's Dastur High School. It was then that Joshi decided to have a permanent exhibition to avoid the inconveniences of mobile models. The present layout of the museum was fabricated in 1991 and the museum opened on 1 April 1998. Over time the layout was enlarged with many additions of digital controls and multiple models.

Location: Erandwane, Pune

Source: Wikipedia

KARIGAR - School Of Applied Learning


A place where one can experience hands on training via workshops or continuous learning programs. Their weekly "Repair Cafe" is a unique concept where children and adults can take a non-working household item and learn how to repair it themselves with the help of the experts. Karigar also helps people learn various vocational skills like Baking, Carpentry, Robotics etc.

Location: Behind Pavilion Mall, Pune

Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum

A private museum driven by passion. The cycle museum displays cycles and artefacts. Some of the cycles in the museum are as old as 100-years-old.

Location: Karve Nagar, Pune

Quick D.I.Y Children's Room Decor Ideas

D.I.Y Photo Frame Art


Let the child's creative shine through! We recommend keeping the child's art on display. It encourages the child and enables them to be confident about their creation.

Artwork by Svara Nair (5 years)

You need:

  • A4 size plastic cross stitch sheet

  • Yarn (different color)

  • Child friendly plastic needle


  • Ask the child to draw and colour any image on a plain white paper. Existing artwork can be used as well.

  • Now place the paper below the plastic cross stitching sheet.

  • Ask the child to trace the borders on the plastic sheet using the straight-stich method.

  • Once the border is competed, the child can go ahead and use cross stich to fill in the image with different colours of yarn.

  • Once the image is ready, place the plastic sheet in a photo frame and display the child's artwork on the wall.

Artwork done by children on paper can be displayed in photo frames too.

Quick D.I.Y Children's Room Decor Ideas

Washy Tape Pen Holder

Source: Internet

You need:

  • Plastic container to upcycle.

  • Washy Tapes

  • Scissor


  • Take any cylindrical container that needs up-cycling.

  • Ask the child to stick washy tapes around the container.

  • Use the scissor to cut the washy tape as required, Multiple washy tapes can be used for creating pattern.

You can make multiple pen holders and help the child to arrange their stationery.

Quick D.I.Y Children's Room Decor Ideas

Decoupage Tissue Holder

Source: Internet

You need:

  • Decoupage Paper

  • Decoupage glue

  • Varnish (Optional)


  • Use an old tissue box or a cardboard box and make a D.I.Y tissue box.

  • Use the decoupage glue on the tissue box.

  • Stick the decoupage paper gently on to the box, making sure there are no air bubbles.

  • Once dry apply a coat of matte varnish to seal the decoupage art. This step is optional and can be skipped.

Decoupage process can be done on coasters, wall frames etc

Amazeum Event Look Back

Amazeum hosted the Times NIE teachers meet this month. 66 teachers from various schools across Pune attended the event. The teachers were grouped into teams and were made to complete interesting tasks at each exhibit area. The team that performed best across all the tasks were declared 'The Champions of Amazeum' :)

It was great to see teachers engage in all the activities with so much curiosity, enthusiasm and drive to learn. We were truly overwhelmed with their response and feedback.

Amazeum activities

At Amazeum, we conduct regular activities for children and encourage them to explore their creativity and focus on fun based learning concepts.

We made a D.I.Y Art spinning wheel and the children loved it. Here is a child using the spinning wheel and creating an art piece.

Amazeum Art Corner where children create their unique master pieces :)

D.I.Y 3D card making on Makar Sankranti.

Exhibit: Fort (Killa)

School visit at Amazeum

Amazeum is Pune's first and only children's museum with interactive and unique exhibits that not only provide a fun creative space but also help in having a unique learning experience.

Exhibit: Tot Spot

Exhibit: Green Grocers

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